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Northallerton Railway Station (NTR)

Managed by First TransPennine Express

Boroughbridge Road
North Yorkshire

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Ticket office openingMonday-Saturday 05:45-19:45
Sunday 09:00-18:15
Self-service machinesYes
Collect from counterYes
Collect from machineYes
Penalty fares

Penalty Fares do not apply when travelling from Northallerton station.

Postcode DL7 8AN

Station Usage Statistics

Year on year comparison
Total Passenger Entries and Exits 2010/11 556,990
Total Passenger Entries and Exits 2009/10 544,070
Change from 2009/10 to 2010/2011 (numbers) 12,920
Change from 2009/10 to 2010/2011 (percent) 2%
Detailed figures for 2010/2011
Total Passenger Entries 278,495
Passenger Entries (Full Price) 55,373
Passenger Entries (Reduced Price) 176,197
Passenger Entries (Season Ticket) 46,925
Total Passenger Exits 278,495
Passenger Exits (Full Price) 55,373
Passenger Exits (Reduced Price) 176,197
Passenger Exits (Season Ticket) 46,925
Passenger Interchanges 0

Crime Statistics from British Transport Police

12 months to March (rolling year)
Antisocial behaviour4
Other crime8
Vehicle crime1
Violent crime5
2011 (whole year)
Antisocial behaviour1
Other crime9
Vehicle crime1
Violent crime3
2012 so far (as of March *)
Antisocial behaviour3
Other crime1
Violent crime3

* Crime figures are updated monthly, typically about two or three months in arrears.

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